Finance Management

Finance has the unique perspective of seeing across all of a company’s operations. Successful finance teams must operate as strategic business partners, optimizing processes and bringing data driven insights from advanced analytics and predictive modeling. LaNubia helps clients through a comprehensive approach in business transformation journeys. The pressure on finance to do more with less […]

Human Capital Management (HCM)

As the world of work evolves, and employees focus on balancing their commitments to your organizations with the commitments they have in their personal lives, your business needs to change the way in which you effectively manage your most valuable resource – your people.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM), has evolved throughout the  years. Going from a purely technical system for managing your  customer information, to a strategic pillar and one of the main drivers for market share and revenue growth.  CRM transformation is key to survive in this digital era where customer expectations are changing drastically.


Trends like Industry 4.0, Internet of Things, smart factory, carbon footprint, sustainability and digitalization, are forcing Supply Chain business leaders to reflect and define an agile organization to be able to adequately manage all the challenges and keep improving the order fulfillment operations.