Change is the only constant

The current crisis is an example of the VUCA world we live in. VUCA is a term coined in late 1980s by the US Army to classify military threats as volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous. The business environment and society are experiencing VUCA conditions more than ever before and those will only amplify in the future.

Have you wondered what is the single most important factor in play here? It is change and indeed, it is the only constant. Internal and external changes pose all kinds of challenges to businesses and society. How successful an organization will be and its chances to survive this VUCA world largely depends on its ability to manage change. And it must begin at the top.

The leaders need to embrace the changes and think independently of their core values. They should be ready to cultivate and adapt a new mindset. They should be the flagbearer of change, understand the implications, educate, and guide their teams to success.

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Article published by Ameya Sapre, Business Consultant HR Transformation