In the Spotlight: Heather Harris

” Marketing and digital innovations work best when they are engaging and intuitive. “
Heather Harris is LaNubia’s Marketing Management Intern. She has extensive experience working in business development and managing her own consulting company in branding/marketing strategy. 

Who is Heather?

I am a traveler who, prior to pursuing her MBA at RSM, spent four years sailing around the world on cruise ships as a Program Manager for Holland America’s destination programming. Before going to sea, I split my time between Juneau, Alaska and Seattle, Washington where I worked at a mature startup and had my own small industrial design and consulting business. I love adventure, the outdoors and conversation over a good gin and tonic.

What will be your role at LaNubia consulting and what will be your ultimate challenge? 

I am LaNubia’s new Marketing Management Intern. My challenge in this position will be getting to know LaNubia’s team from afar while getting up to speed on LaNubia’s current marketing practices and building a creative strategy going forward, all before graduating in March.

Marketing and digital innovation, how does that work best? 

Marketing and digital innovations work best when they are engaging and intuitive. Nothing is more frustrating to interact with than a poorly planned digital platform or product.

What digital or technological innovation made the most impact on your life?

I should say Zoom and Teams, since RSM has been online since the pandemic started back at the beginning of session 2, but I am going for a throwback. The most impactful technological innovation in my life was, and is, WhatsApp. I had never heard of it before going to sea, but once you are far from shore, your smartphone becomes a very expensive iPod. WhatsApp allowed me to be away for months at a time and still be able to smoothly, regularly and affordably communicate with friends and family all over the globe via painfully slow ship internet. Further, it lets me stay in touch with my ‘ship friends’ and family around the world, allowing me to maintain a strong international network, especially during lockdown.

Do you have any hidden talents or hobbies?

While living in Seattle, I did aerial acrobatics, mostly hoop and trapeze. I am generally mediocre, but I love it. I have gotten back into a hoop since moving here, but haven’t found a trapeze rig yet. Aside from that, I love to be in the mountains. So, logically, I chose to live in the flattest country I could find.

Who inspires you?

People who find success and happiness while behaving like modest, reasonable humans, who treat others with kindness. It sounds trite, but working on ships you see all types of people. The kind ones, who were always calm and understanding gained my respect and inspired me to be better myself.

How do you drink your coffee?

It depends, generally I drink coffee with a bit of milk.  Sometimes I zest it up with cardamom or cinnamon.  On long days, I add rum.