Lanubia Insights: A Conversation With Zewdu Mogesse

The LaNubia team is thrilled to share the gift of knowledge with our friends and family across the world.  Join us for a brief conversation with Zewdu Mogesse, Data Scientist at LaNubia, about what data science is and what it can do for your business. 

LaNubia: What is data science?

ZM: In short, data science is the discipline of mining useful information from data. Data science is not a single field, it combines knowledge of mathematics, statistics, machine learning, software engineering, programming skills, and domain expertise.

LaNubia: How can data science be useful to an organization of any size?

ZM: Currently, big data is growing and most companies, regardless of size, are collecting data to ease their regular process, improve the nature of their business, and/or create a data-driven culture. Because of this, companies are coming to realize the importance of data science, AI, and machine learning. We are living in the era of big data. Companies that wish to remain competitive, need to efficiently develop and implement data science. Small or medium-sized businesses (SMEs), with their agile nature, can be data-driven from the start. The current advancements of technology help SMEs to have powerful tools on hand that can drive decisions based on data. By using data science and its techniques, it is possible to understand customer behaviors, check out market competition, assess business decisions, and predict the future of business.

LaNubia: What makes LaNubia’s data science team/capabilities unique and stand out (why should a potential customer choose LaNubia over the competition)?

ZM: LaNubia’s data science team has professionals with different backgrounds, skillsets, and expertise. The team is composed of data scientists, strategic thinkers, problem solvers, and business management specialists. With its customer-centric approach, LaNubia combines these talents and puts them on the ground to translate the business needs of customers into AI and data science solutions. LaNubia’s data science team strives to understand industry fundamentals, customer goals, and business problems, in addition to finding new ways to leverage data to solve business challenges. This is done through learning about a customer’s needs, struggles, motivations, daily working habits, and their relationship to the product or the service offered.