Transformation starts in the Boardroom

Written by Rigo Selassa

A business is just like top sport: you need a Coach (alias Business Leader) and a Team with players who know the game rules, work hard and have the capability to tell each other the simplified truth to create awareness and stimulate a winner mentality to achieve the best result.

It is not about feelings, but about facts. It is not about the individual interest, but about the group interest and team performance. If you for example have a soccer team with a coach and/or individual players who do not want to face the facts, the whole team will be punished during the match. Think of the ultimate performance failure due to lack of team discipline, where at the end the coach will be hold as end responsible for the failure.

The key success factor is finding and ensuring the balance between individual and shared goals. As a leader, you must coach, motivate and take along your team to achieve the intended result.

As a Business Leader (coach) you need to understand the impact of the transformation initiatives on all your business layers (e.g. IT infrastructures, Systems, Processes, People and Organization) and use this knowhow to steer your organization (team) to success.

Cultivating a sense of innovation and continuous improvement among the teams and making employees feel confident and appreciated is the most challenging task for a Business Leader while executing a business transformation.

As a Business Transformation Partner, LaNubia Consulting can help streamline your organization from core to the top; by advising the Management Team, providing effective training & coaching of the workforce and guide the Digital Transformation.

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