Founder and RSM Alumni, Rigo Selassa has been nominated for the RSM Alumni Achievement Award, which acknowledges alumni who force for positive change in business or society.

By founding consulting firm LaNubia, Rigo recognised and leveraged technology to build a diverse and unique work environment that connects colleagues and contractors around the world, helping them to learn from diverse backgrounds and skillsets, and share ideas.
Another big achievement in Rigo’s career is the build of a consortium with academic partner JADS to start an innovation lab in Curaçao with focus on artificial intelligence and data science.

When conceptualizing LaNubia, Rigo combined his work experience, drive to disrupt the consulting industry, and entrepreneurial spirit to reconceptualize the traditional, hierarchical, consultancy into a positive, creative, collaborative and modern format.

The innovation lab in Curaçao also aims to have a huge social impact by providing educational options for students and business professionals. It hopes to stimulate economic growth for the island to create a foundation for export of educational and IT services.

He also supported two RSM MBA teams during the MBA’21 Living Management Project, introducing and inspiring the students to see his vision for LaNubia, to better understand technology’s impact on the future of work, and to see and embrace opportunities for business growth and entrepreneurship.

Rigo actively hires and trains other RSM alumni. He encourages all his employees to embrace RSM’s values in their work and life, to never stop pursuing positive personal growth, and to embrace changes with enthusiasm and agility.

Nominator Aldo Silvano, fellow MBA alumnus and Managing Director LaNubia Americas says: “I’m impressed with Rigo’s dedication to driving technological innovation and adoption in the business community, boosting RSM’s recognition and reputation worldwide, and desire to build a positive and accepting workforce.”

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