In the Spotlight: Ameya Sapre

“What I admire about LaNubia and its culture is the open collaboration and healthy exchange of new ideas”
Ameya joined LaNubia as a Senior Business Consultant in March 2020. He has over 10 years of international consultancy experience with a main focus on global HR transformations and implementations.  

Who is Ameya?

An explorer and learner. I find joy in helping others. When I’m not around, you can either find me wandering around on streets or somewhere in the mountains.

What is most exiting of working at LaNubia according to you?

What I admire about LaNubia and its culture is the open collaboration and healthy exchange of new ideas. We have a passionate team who brings a wealth of experience and has a shared understanding of our mission and core values. Further, people are not pigeon-holed in a specific area and are always encouraged and supported to take on new initiatives. That is rarely seen at other companies. As we are in hyper growth phase, it is incredibly satisfying to contribute in steering LaNubia forward.

What is your added value to a client?

I can draw upon my experience and learnings to understand their needs and bring positive outcomes. Recently, I helped a client transform and stabilize their procurement processes. The area of procurement was completely new to me and it makes me happy that I was able to apply my skills and capabilities to drive the client in achieving its business outcomes.

What is the most surprising thing you want to share with the world about yourself?

Have you ever met an Indian dude who is not an engineer?

What is your favorite holiday destination?

Home sweet home in India. Nothing better than an earthy home cooked meal!

What can we wake you up for in the middle of the night?

For sure, bacon!

On a more serious note, anything that I can help anyone with.

How do you drink your coffee?

A regular coffee with little milk and no sugar.


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