In the Spotlight: Shiraz Hussain

” I can survive without coffee when I get my fair share of energy dosage from the weekly brainstorming sessions at LaNubia.”

Shiraz Hussain has started his career at LaNubia in 2018. As one of the first on-boarding Professionals he has been a key-player behind the successful transitioning of LaNubia to Business Transformation Advisor. 


Who is Shiraz?

A wannabe entrepreneur who wants to break stereotypes in the corporate world. I have a Bachelors in Computer Science and completed my MBA from Erasmus University, Rotterdam. I value EQ (Emotional Quotient) over IQ, team goals over personal goals, smart work over hard work, and believe that employee satisfaction is as important as client satisfaction. I take pride in helping our clients to extend their focus from technology to processes and people in their Transformation journeys.


What has been the greatest challenge so far within LaNubia?

Being one of the first employees of LaNubia (2018), I am privileged to witness the success chapters, struggles, and resilience of a great organization in the making. The journey hasn’t been easy so far. One of the challenges has been the time-consuming iterative processes in converting an idea to services and end products, owing to a critical but highly competent workforce. Today, I perceive this challenge as one of our greatest strengths as we don’t market or deliver services at the expense of quality. 


How important is the role of Scrum Master and how can it support an organization during a business transformation?

The Scrum Master role is different from a Project Manager role as the former is often termed as ‘Servant Leader’ and is an Agile transformation expert. An agile-minded workforce that works towards incremental product/service developments, will help organizations respond to the ever-changing market needs & constant disruptions. A Scrum Master plays a key role in facilitating all the scrum ceremonies to help bring a minimalist version of new digital products/services to market first, then quickly iterate them based on real-world customer feedback rather than internal speculation and gut feelings.


What is your added value for a client?

I believe that I can combine my experience in SAP BI & Master Data Management with my Process Optimisation skills ( Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certified) and Business Know-How to add value to any ERP implementation, migration, and transformation journey of the customer.


Which activities give you the most energy?

I can survive without coffee when I get my fair share of energy dosage from the weekly brainstorming sessions at LaNubia. It often reminds me of my MBA days.

Outside of work environment, I find joy in roller skating alongside the ‘fietsen’ in the cycling path. Going out and meeting friends, exploring new places also keep me sane.

An environment to express my thoughts and ideas with freedom is of utmost importance to me.


What is the most interesting thing you can see out of your current ‘home-office’ window?

My car which I have bought recently ! Nothing gives me more satisfaction than seeing my car reflecting the rays of sunlight during this early spring.


What is your favourite home-cooked meal?

To all the people who say true love doesn’t exist, I say they haven’t tasted Biriyani! I can eat Chicken Biriyanis all day and every day. Chicken Biryani is a savoury chicken and rice dish that includes layers of chicken, rice, and aromatics that are steamed together.


How do you drink your coffee?

I want my coffee made with medium roasted beans with no milk or cream. Adding 2 sachets of sugar gives the final touch, I have a sweet tooth!


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