How People Analytics Support Best-in-Class Employee Experience

Did you know that only 36% of organizations are ready to create a stellar employee experience?  

Employee experience, or eX, is the sum of various interactions an employee has with their organization and the measure of emotions that are created during those interactions. eX is the most important lever an organization can pull to attract, retain, and grow  talent.  Advancements in HR technology, analytics, and data science have made it easier to deliver the world class employee experience that your team deserves.


The first step of employee experience begins with the candidate phase, well before an applicant becomes an employee. Think back to your own experience applying for jobs, remember how you were presented with little to no information about the company, your future team, or the company’s overall culture? Remember the hiring phase, where your onboarding experience was complicated by paperwork and glitchy digital forms. These are the ‘moments that matter’, directly impacting the employee experience, and the challenges do not stop here.  There are several frustrating moments that occur throughout the employee lifecycle, moments that organizations and HR functions must improve upon to reduce or eliminate potential negative impact on employees. How can your organization uncover these issues and improve the eX?


With the help of technology and people analytics, HR leaders can collect real-time feedback at each step of the employee experience. For example, an organization could ask 3-5 questions on ease of application process, look and feel of the careers page, employer branding, or how an employee felt on their first day of work.  Modern applicant tracking systems can map out a candidate flow which you can use to identify drop-off points, helping you to see where to invest in system improvements.


People analytics can be applied to human resources to drive candidate and employee engagement and retention. Contact us to learn more about how LaNubia can help you deliver the experience your employees truly deserve.