In the Spotlight: Asitav Sen

” My goal is to innovate data science solutions (tools and techniques) to radically transform sales and marketing. “
Asitav Sen is LaNubia’s Data Scientist. In this spotlight he tells us a bit more about himself. Let’s explore.


Who is Asitav?

I am a curious mind playing with data science, commercial strategy and mathematics. I have studied mechanical engineering and I also have an MBA from RSM. I have worked with companies like John Deere, Tata Hitachi and OLX for over a decade in several roles.

My goal is to innovate data science solutions (tools and techniques) to radically transform sales and marketing.
In my personal time, I prefer to roam in streets and capture emotions in frame.
In a team setting you can be almost sure that I will bring in a different perspective.

What do you like about LaNubia consulting and what makes LaNubia different from other consulting companies?

What impressed me most about LaNubia is the value of “customer first” and the genuine effort to solve problems. Sometime back LaNubia had approached a client (in utility industry) offering a data science solution to a specific problem. While analysing the problem, it was discovered that a chunk of the problem could be solved using economic alternative to the data science tool we had initially offered. And we communicated the same to the client, knowing that this meant lost opportunity for the team. Not many companies have the intention ( or may I dare to say, guts) to do this.
Several companies boast about their “client first” approach. But sacrificing profit for this, is rarely noticed.

Apart from this, I enjoy the flat and open culture. Moreover, the environment is highly energised; everyone is inspired to fulfil the mission.

What is the most interesting thing about being a Data Scientist?

Being a data scientist is like being an investigative journalist. Not only must you solve a puzzle but also communicate in effective  manner. It is a natural stimulant for a curious mind. The uncertainty and new challenge that every task brings, is perhaps the most interesting aspect of being data scientist. Work of a data scientist can be anything but monotonous.

What will Data Science look like in 20 years from now?

I believe, 20 years down the line the development of quantum computing should reduce time to perform complex calculations, manyfold. On one hand this will speed up research and we should expect exponential growth in artificial intelligence. On the other, data science tools will become increasingly user-friendly. For e.g. just by asking a question verbally, in your own language, computer may analyse data and provide you the answers.

Finally, as quantum computing becomes more accessible, traditional computing, including cloud will become increasingly cheaper. This will reduce the infrastructure related costs substantially, spreading it faster than ever.
As a data scientist, I must not forget to add disclaimer ? that this is just an opinion.

What is your greatest strength?

My strength is my persistence and curiosity which often unleashes unanticipated solutions.

What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about social aspect of sustainability. I am also passionate about learning ‘Why people do what they do?’

What is your favorite book?

‘Madhushala’ by Harivansh Rai Bachchan is my favorite book. It is a collection of 135 quatrains written in Hindi. The book talks about reflection of life and its complexities, hidden in metaphors.

What is your ultimate holiday destination?

Some remote village in the Himalayan range of Ladakh and its vicinity.

How do you drink your coffee?

I drink my coffee black and strong, often experimenting with unconventional ingredients (Don’t hesitate to ask me ?)
But I prefer tea.


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