In The Spotlight: Mandana Teimori

Mandana Teimori is a Senior Management Consultant and LaNubia’s Finance Transformation Lead. She has joined LaNubia in December 2020. 

Who is Mandana?

I am a visionary Management Consultant/yogi that enjoys working on complex problems without losing the helicopter point of view. I have a dual MBA; finance and business development & internationalization. My spare time is spent with family and friends, I also like to spent my time learning more about quantum mechanics and neuroscience.

What will be your role at LaNubia consulting and your ultimate challenge? 

 As a Senior Management Consultant and Head of Finance Transformation, the challenge is to expand the department. We are working on developing a comprehensive financial transformation method where human capital advances to strengthen the company’s capabilities and capacity.

According to you what makes LaNubia different from other consulting companies?

It was really a pleasure to work together with LaNubia prior to my start date. I experienced LaNubia as having impeccable visionary drive and culture. The diverse skills combined with the culture, allows for fast-track deliveries of projects.

What is Finance Transformation?

Finance transformation is the process of first understanding precisely and comprehensively how the finance department is performing. Secondly setting improvement or development goals, taking into account all the diverse aspects of the business, with human capital at the center. In order to design the customized plan to achieve those goals SMART. Lastly continuously evaluating performance and development. The ultimate goal is to improve the feedback given to other departments, it should enhance the process of achieving the overall business goals.

How can finance and shared services be more internal customer-centric?

Trying to understand the relationship with the customers, through answering questions such as; how and when will my customer be 100% satisfied? This should serve as a guideline to set priorities in projects. Finance could make processes more efficient with advanced technology and data analytics. Furthermore, allowing human capital resources to support organizational goals in ways computers cannot. The human brain is the most advanced technology there is.

What is your secret working skill?

Making sure that I love what I do and progress.

Who inspires you?

Indra Nooyi: for her business accomplishments, her leadership style and drive.

Oprah Winfrey: for her view on life, the world and people. However, her exceptional people skills and willingness to teach others, is what I admire most. I can make this list very long.

How do you drink your coffee?

A cappuccino that is made with freshly ground coffee and with a barista coffee machine. The foam of the milk should be thick enough to carry my spoon.


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