In the Spotlight: Zewdu Mogesse

” In 20 years from now, Data Science will be one of the basic necessities of companies. “
Zewdu Mogesse is LaNubia’s Data Scientist. He has joined LaNubia in January 2021. In this spotlight he tells us a bit more about himself. Let’s explore.

Who is Zewdu?

I joined LaNubia as a Data Scientist in January 2021. I have four years of experience in the IT industry with the main focus of Software Engineering and Data Science and I recently finished the PDEng program in Data Science from the Technical University of Eindhoven.

What do you like about LaNubia consulting and what makes LaNubia different from other consulting companies?

I like the cooperation between teams. Everyone shares the same vision and dedicates themselves to the mission. Another thing that I like about LaNubia is that before joining as a full-time employee, you work as a collaborator. This makes you be familiar with the teams, working culture, and not anymore new after joining officially as an employee.

I think its approach to solving industry challenges, being a born-remote working culture, and its operation in a global network to bring the best out of “LaNubia” to its clients makes LaNubia different from other consulting companies.

What is the most interesting thing about being a Data Scientist?

Data Science is a very practical work. As a data scientist, I always thriving to solve the business problem of clients. I construct robust algorithms and data pipelines that take data as input and transforms it into a value that has a significant business impact. So, I think the most interesting thing about being a data scientist is its practicality. In other words, data scientists trust data not people.

What will Data Science look like in 20 years from now?

Instead of using their gut feel or experience, these days many companies are coming to realize the importance of data to drive their regular business decisions. Because of this, the data volume will continue to increase and they will leverage data science strategies and scientific methods as a means of gathering, mining, and creating smarter decisions within their business. The innovation in new data infrastructures, software/tools, platforms will continue. So, in 20 years from now, as humans have food, cloth, and house as a basic necessity, Data Science will be one of the basic necessities of companies.

What is your greatest strength?

I think my greatest strength is my ability to stay focused on my work; setting goals and constantly checking on what needs to be done, how to make it happen, and how far away we are to achieve it. I am open-minded to accept differences, new ideas, challenges, and working in a new environment.

What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about exploring, learning something new, and having an adventure.

What is your favorite book?

“There are two kinds of myths; those where life arises out of the mud, and those where life falls from the sky. In this creation myth, the computers arose from the mud, and the code fell from the sky.”

One of my favorite books is Turing’s Cathedral: The Origins of the Digital Universe which is written by Goerge Dyson. The above interesting philosophical statement is found at the starting page of this book. I received this book as a gift from my former Unilever colleagues. The book covers early computer projects with the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton University, which combines history, biography and science.

What is your ultimate holiday destination?

Well, I have visited many countries in Europe as a holiday destination. From these, I love Prague which is capital of Czech Republic. But my ultimate holiday destination is Greece. I would like to explore the tradition & history, and I would like to roll up on those breathtaking sandy beaches. 

How do you drink your coffee?

Usually, I roast and grind my own Ethiopian coffee and I drink a long black coffee without sugar or milk.


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