Meet Aldo Silvano, Managing Director LaNubia Consulting Americas

As we announced earlier this week, LaNubia Consulting has launched in the Americas and with this launch, we are pleased to introduce Aldo Silvano, as Managing Director of LaNubia Consulting Americas with effect from April 1st. Aldo will be the key principal in our work in the Americas and will be integral in our mission of becoming a transformational leader in the Caribbean and South American region. 

Aldo is a Business Professional who recently obtained his MBA from Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University. With 10 years of experience both in the private and the public sector, Aldo brings his knowledge in Internal Control, Risk Management and overall leadership to LaNubia. He has a background working as an individual business consultant and functional leader in multiple industries; including utilities, public finance, and healthcare. His work has included designing, describing and assessing effectiveness and efficiency of processes; implementation of systems to increase efficiency of organisations; and, also leading teams in internal control and risk management activities.

Aldo has showcased his passion for leadership through speaking at a number of events in the past and also enjoys giving back to the community in which he lives.

No matter where you are on your business transformation journey, whether just starting and need some momentum to get people comfortable with new technologies, or implementing and need support in managing the change, contact Aldo to see what we can do for you.