What is SAP Business ByDesign?

A unifying solution that can be customized according to the requirements of various departments, SAP Business ByDesign is a lightweight and cost-effective business administration software targeted specifically for small and medium sized businesses.

The 100% cloud-based solution supports a wide range of business application areas such as sales, marketing, procurement, finance, etc. offering end-to-end collaboration with unified work centers. A suite-in-a-box enabling customized growth in alignment with your business growth. 



Smart choice for fast growing SMEs 

As your business experiences high and rapid growth or changes, you need an ERP/business administration solution that can support your key business functions without complexity and high costs. 

Operational Benefits 

  • Quick to implement 
  • Full transparency to make informed decisions with analytics that are built into every process 
  • Alignment and accountability with integrated processes, metrics, and compliance
  • Provide stakeholders with reports via enhanced reporting tools 


Financial Benefits 

  • Start small and activate additional modules as needed at no cost (other than user licenses) that are enabled when chosen 
  • Enhanced sales through better lead management 
  • Better control over cash availability 
  • No need to set up servers and incur many other IT expenses 
  • Meets global reporting standards like (IFRS) and (IAS) 
  • Experience accelerated period-end closing processes
  • Transparent audit trail 


Our Approach 

LaNubia has experts on business process design/redesign, streamlining of activities is the goal through first establishing current business processes. We share our best practices to make sure that the SAP ByDesign will be implemented in the most efficient and effective way, without bottlenecks. We understand that technology changes are not about tech but about the people that work with them, we approach all projects end-to-end. Taking care of the training and change needs of your teams prior, during and after the implementation, to simplify and accelerate your digital transformation. 


Interested to learn more?

Contact our LaNubia Professionals to explore the options for your organization!


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