Statistical, Mathematical Modeling and Decision Science

Does your organization need quick business decisions based on statistical evidence? Do you want to optimize your marketing budget or inventory, or to understand probability of success of an investment or forecast sales? Perhaps you want to find the best price for your product?   The possibilities are endless. You will be amazed to discover […]

Business Intelligence & Data Visualization

Being Data-Driven rises the need to ‘read’ relevant Data and Insights whenever you want, wherever you want. Based on your department and profile, LaNubia helps you to define the KPIs and other key aspects that require monitoring. This is followed by building the dashboards and tools or reports for easy access to the metrics. We […]

Predictive Analytics

These days most companies are collecting Data to improve the nature of their business. Once Data has been collected, they need to structure and get value out of it. Predictive Analytics is one popular technique to find value of out the given historical data, extract unseen patterns, and make predictions about the future outcomes using analytical […]

Data Engineering and Architecture Development

You might have different data sources with different formats, and you need to consolidate these data sources and putting them in central repository. Selecting and building the right data infrastructure and architecture you need is complex. From ingestion, storage, processing, and access, you need to consider ingestion technique (batch or real time), scalability, tools, platforms […]

Data Modeling

Before start constructing a building, architects should draft the blueprint of the building on paper. In the same vein, before start building an app or before start developing software that involves big data, the database should be designed in the proper way. If you have the wrong data input, you will get the wrong output. […]

Data Governance

Data governance consists of policies, strategies, processes, and structure of an organization to support an organization data management. Data governance becomes a crucial aspect in any data science eco-system. When departments in an organization uses different systems, data usually gets stored in silos. The increasing complexity threatens the quality, security, trust around the organization’s data. […]

Data Strategy

Assume that you are in early 20th century you discovered an oil field in your territory. What would you do with it?   Well, of course extract, process and use it to generate revenue, isn’t it? Situation with Data is something similar. You have is everywhere. You just need to collect it, process it and […]