Data Strategy

Assume that you are in early 20th century you discovered an oil field in your territory. What would you do with it?


Well, of course extract, process and use it to generate revenue, isn’t it? Situation with Data is something similar. You have is everywhere. You just need to collect it, process it and use it to generate revenue. And Data Strategy helps you do all or part of it.

Data Strategy determines the vision on how you collect, store, analyse, and use of Data. In today’s big data world, the value of Data is well-understood. Unlocking that value, however, can be a challenge.  Esp. when you bring in the aspect of business. It is essential to have knowhow of Business and Data, in order to extract value from Data in Business.





At LaNubia, we continuously merged the Business and Data Science skills to develop `Business Science`. Our team of highly skilled professionals are equally experienced in Data Science and Business and they can help you build a Data Strategy that aligns with your long term and short-term goals, while keeping in mind the current maturity level of the organization. We involve different stakeholders in the process and provide an agile implementation plan.

Our research says that engagement is crucial for Data quality. Without engagement, there is a high probability that the Data quality and utility of even the most advanced Data Science tools will be poor, rendering all efforts towards data science useless. Hence, we ensure that the strategy aligns not just with your goals, but also improves processes and engages all the stakeholders.