Maturity scans

for Finance, Supply Chain & Operations, CRM and Human Resources we have maturity scans, a framework that helps to identify the gaps between the current and the desired situation of organizational operations and processes. Together with our clients we will conduct workshops and use a questionnaire to collect feedback on various levels of the organization. The results are converted in business insights that will be translated into optimization and development opportunities, for both short- and long-term timeframes.

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Strategy Management

Business strategies should derive from a set of beliefs of optimal allocation of capital across portfolios. Each project should have a strategy that aligns with

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It is reported that 38% of projects fail and never achieve their originally intended outcome, most of this because there was not effective organizational change management during the full life of

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Business processes are key assets of an organization which needs to be managed and monitored to be able to deliver added-value products or services to

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Data Management

Nowadays data is scattered everywhere. Buy a smart device and you are able to collect more than enough data. Invest in a CRM or ERP

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