Talent Development (Training and Coaching)

Talent Development is the process of understanding your business’s goals, and, through training and coaching, provides your employees with the knowledge, skills, and capabilities to achieve those goals. LaNubia’s talent development solution takes a ‘Feel-Reflect-Think’ approach that is designed to immerse learners in an experience or activity, stimulating the learning of new skills. These experiential-based […]

Talent Acquisition

Organizations have specific needs that drive business outcomes.  Attracting and retaining skilled talent that fits with a company’s culture and ambitions is critical to successful operations. LaNubia’s talent acquisition solution provides a combination of recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) and managed service provider (MSP) programs which are used to tailor a customized solution that help an […]

Workforce planning

Rapid changes in the business landscape call for talent strategies that are agile and responsive to the growing needs of companies and are predictive of skills and capabilities needed to win tomorrow. LaNubia’s workforce planning service is centered around understanding the composition of your current talent pool, to assess its readiness for future, and to […]

Strategy Management

Business strategies should derive from a set of beliefs of optimal allocation of capital across portfolios. Each project should have a strategy that aligns with the organizational strategy, to deploy resources, to drive growth, generate value, and a create sustainable competitive advantage. LaNubia works with cross-functional teams, traditionally teams have separate workflows and little shared […]

Finance Management

Finance has the unique perspective of seeing across all of a company’s operations. Successful finance teams must operate as strategic business partners, optimizing processes and bringing data driven insights from advanced analytics and predictive modeling. LaNubia helps clients through a comprehensive approach in business transformation journeys. The pressure on finance to do more with less […]

Maturity scans

for Finance, Supply Chain & Operations, CRM and Human Resources we have maturity scans, a framework that helps to identify the gaps between the current and the desired situation of organizational operations and processes. Together with our clients we will conduct workshops and use a questionnaire to collect feedback on various levels of the organization. […]

Human Capital Management (HCM)

As the world of work evolves, and employees focus on balancing their commitments to your organizations with the commitments they have in their personal lives, your business needs to change the way in which you effectively manage your most valuable resource – your people.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM), has evolved throughout the  years. Going from a purely technical system for managing your  customer information, to a strategic pillar and one of the main drivers for market share and revenue growth.  CRM transformation is key to survive in this digital era where customer expectations are changing drastically.


It is reported that 38% of projects fail and never achieve their originally intended outcome, most of this because there was not effective organizational change management during the full life of the project. We believe that to be successful,  core people change management philosophies need to be  embedded  in all transformation activities and  we  work with your senior leadership,  management  team and employees […]


Business processes are key assets of an organization which needs to be managed and monitored to be able to deliver added-value products or services to clients and customers. It is a challenge for a lot of organization to design, document and maintain their processes and procedures.