ILUSTRE stands for Innovation Lab for Utilities on Sustainable Technology and Renewable Energy and is one of the 17 Innovation Centers for Artificial Intelligence (ICAI) within the ROBUST Long-Term Programme (LTP). The ROBUST LTP is a consortium of knowledge institutes and industrial stakeholders collaborating on multi-year academic research into reliable artificial intelligence and focusing on […]


Founder and RSM Alumni, Rigo Selassa has been nominated for the RSM Alumni Achievement Award, which acknowledges alumni who force for positive change in business or society.

Four keys to get your finance team ready for automation

  1.Streamlining financial processes Organizations may be more effective if financial processes are streamlined and if applications are partially eliminated instead of transcribed into systems directly. Streamlining starts with questioning, why activities are performed the way they are, to then deploy a workflow system to simplify information flows.   It is better to look at […]

What is SAP Business ByDesign?

A unifying solution that can be customized according to the requirements of various departments, SAP Business ByDesign is a lightweight and cost-effective business administration software targeted specifically for small and medium sized businesses. The 100% cloud-based solution supports a wide range of business application areas such as sales, marketing, procurement, finance, etc. offering end-to-end collaboration […]

Financial strength through Data Science

Applying technologies to finance processes is still in the early stages for many organizations, the CFO can lead the way to increased efficiency, insights, and business value over the long-term. A mistake often made is, starting with automating before streamlining end-to-end processes.   Join our webinar where we will share our decades of top-tier Consulting, […]

In the Spotlight: Shiraz Hussain

” I can survive without coffee when I get my fair share of energy dosage from the weekly brainstorming sessions at LaNubia.” Shiraz Hussain has started his career at LaNubia in 2018. As one of the first on-boarding Professionals he has been a key-player behind the successful transitioning of LaNubia to Business Transformation Advisor. 

How the CFO enables the board’s success

Finance departments have the unique perspective of seeing across all a company’s operations. Because of this, financial teams should operate as strategic business partners who can provide data-driven insights gleaned from advanced analytics and predictive modeling.

In the Spotlight: Asitav Sen

” My goal is to innovate data science solutions (tools and techniques) to radically transform sales and marketing. “ Asitav Sen is LaNubia’s Data Scientist. In this spotlight he tells us a bit more about himself. Let’s explore.