In the Spotlight: Shiraz Hussain

” I can survive without coffee when I get my fair share of energy dosage from the weekly brainstorming sessions at LaNubia.” Shiraz Hussain has started his career at LaNubia in 2018. As one of the first on-boarding Professionals he has been a key-player behind the successful transitioning of LaNubia to Business Transformation Advisor. 

Transformation starts in the Boardroom

Written by Rigo Selassa A business is just like top sport: you need a Coach (alias Business Leader) and a Team with players who know the game rules, work hard and have the capability to tell each other the simplified truth to create awareness and stimulate a winner mentality to achieve the best result.

Why Technology implementation often fails

LaNubia Business Consulting helps companies transform their business with new technology, while keeping employees informed and motivated to adopt the new way of working. Rigo Selassa, founder and Managing Director from LaNubia Consulting and former OneMBA RSM student explains what the MBA has done for him both personally and business wise. “As a specialist, you […]

Digital Transformation during and after COVID-19

Written by Shiraz Hussain and Fehmina Choudhry The outbreak of Covid-19 is a tragedy and its socio-economic impact is huge. We are all facing the wrath of it one way or the other. It has already forced companies to re-imagine the fundamental way in which they do business. The buzz word “Digital Transformation” now appears […]

E-working is the new norm

What started in December as a restricted Chinese healthcare problem, soon became a global healthcare and economical issue.